• Achieve More With Less



Pivot your insurance operations & processes to Digital with SwiftAnt’s solutions.

With our solutions, we will ensure insurance companies a smooth transition by harnessing the world’s seismic shift towards Digital.

  • Intelligent Insurance
  • Cognitive Automation for Insurance

AI / ML, Cognitive Analytics & RPA will change the way in which next generation Insurance operates & we will make that change seamlessly happen for you.

Business Case

Improve Customer Acquisition

  • Show your potential customers your advanced digital capabilities and experience with Cognitive Technologies
  • Address perceived needs of customer with customized premiums and product recommendations with Digital delivery
  • Rapidly scale up and down, always being able to serve new customers
  • Chat interfaces are everywhere, customers are ready for the next step; automated chatting
  • Intelligent Sales & marketing with customer segmentation & targeted campaigns with faster payments

Minimize Management Expenses & Claims

  • From Physical to Digital KYC
  • Intelligent damage assessment, Repair Cost Estimate & Fraud prevention
  • 15 to 90% cost reduction opportunity depending upon the characteristics of the functions selected for automation
  • Short payback period with low integration costs and high potential ROI
  • Mitigate security risks

Increase Revenue per user

  • Make Risk information available leveraging the data from connected devices
  • Customize pricing for customers based on risk profile
  • The supporting tasks will be performed by the Chatbot. Use your people to do what they do best; sell products and services
  • Gather, analyze and act on the customer’s preferences and irritations

Reduce churn

  • 24/7 Intelligent and automated customer support
  • High degree of accuracy and high – throughput. Provide high quality support, whenever the customer demands it
  • Sentiment analytics of customer feedback & Increase customer satisfaction by efficiently solving their issues and pain points
We have done this before

Motor Vehicle Insurance Conversational BOTS delivering Digital Excellence


    Inability to identify fake paper documents, leading to fraudulent insurance policies (>12% in the Industry)


    Manual Verification Processes, by looking at the Insurance Certificate and Vehicle Registration number & calling multiple entities (taking 2+ days of elapsed time for one verification).


    Opportunities for fake / fraudulent papers, which led to adverse impact to both Insurers and Insured personnel. Such an approach was eroding the profits of the industry & was also leading to dissatisfied end customer.

  • Bots TO RESCUE

    Instant Verification (vs calling multiple personnel). Leveraging Bots, Cognitive technologies & OCR, verification authorities just need to take 2 pictures and the whole end to end process is automated. Additionally all the stakeholders can have conversational capabilities about additional information like coverage details etc.