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DIAS Proposal

  • Contactless on-boarding in few clicks, steps & minutes with digital policy issuance
  • Configurable premium calculations with instant verification to avoid duplicate policies
  • Reduce broker fraud by 100%
  • Cut Brokerage by 100%
  • Convenience of Marketplace for Insured
  • Issue policy in less than 5 minutes
  • 100X faster claims reporting
  • 10% reduction in mgmt. expenses
  • 100% transparency & visibility
  • 20% reduction in fraudulent claims

DIAS Claims

  • PaaS solution on Bot framework that digitalizes Claims notifications in few steps, clicks & minutes
  • Enhances trust in the ecosystem with Video KYC, instant help & automates reporting

DIAS Certificates

  • Issues demat digital certificates that are immutable & BI for projections & Dashboards
  • Connects the dots in the ecosystem with real-time verification via mobile, SMS, USSD & Web
  • Real-time verification by enforcement agencies
  • 100% Fraud prevention
  • 10% reduction in management fees
DIAS is recognized by Microsoft
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Quicker Cloud native Integration and End to End Supply Chain Visibility
  • Connects to anything
  • Business SLA Management
  • Zero Capex and very low OPEX
  • End to End Visibility


Framework built on Microsoft Azure Apps, accelerating enterprise integration, EDI implementation and providing end to end supply chain visibility with Cognitive Analytics.