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Our Approach

We begin with the end in mind

Our Approach

We begin with the end in mind

Our K2C approach is remarkably effective

From the very beginning of our client relationships, we deeply empathize with our client’s business. What’s more; we go much deeper than that and try to picture our client’s customer. This helps us design solutions and services that benefit the end customer. It always works.

The SwiftAnt Way

Working with a large cross-section of customers and their needs across verticals, we have designed our solutions. We have identified the best technology, that meets the biggest challenges faced by organizations and governments across the world.

We help you leverage our ingenuity and
our design solutions

Tested Products and Solutions

Care Model

CREATE |New business capabilities can be created

AVOID |Manual/redundant operations can be avoided/eliminated

REDUCE |Operational overheads/ manual tasks can be reduced

ENHANCE |Business capabilities can be enhanced


At SwiftAnt, we work closely with clientele to understand the Business Processes (As-is +To-Be) & IT Landscape in a consultative mode, create pragmatic roadmaps and implement them.


Our DIAS Products are proven in increasing penetration, preventing fraud and enhancing trust in the Insurance industry ecosystem. Our product SwiftB2B integrator is proven to achieve faster Enterprise Integrations while simultaneously achieving Supply Chain Visibility by leveraging Economies of Scope in the Supply Chain domain.


Our Solutions cater for various industry verticals like Logistics, Insurance, Finance and Retail. These solutions complemented by Business Intelligence capabilities have evolved into robust platforms. Our Global clients admire and love our solutions.