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Innovation Platform

Innovation Platform

Innovation Platform

SwiftInnovate is a framework built on Azure to create innovation platforms for organizations. This Digitalizes the concept that ideas come from anywhere and leverages crowdsourcing to enable organizations to unearth new ideas

Ideas come out of Anywhere - Digitally Source your ideas to any one using SwiftInnovate

SwiftAnt’s SwiftInnovate framework offers a collaborative crowd sourcing platform that serves to solve real world problems in Kenya with help from the student community as a part of SwiftAnt’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. This platform is offered at no cost to schools in Kenya.

This framework is also commercially available for industries to build their own innovative collaboration platforms on Azure.

Desired Outcomes

  • Flexibility to decide participants that can solve problems/ post new ideas
  • Intra Organization, Schools, Partners, Social media etc.
  • End to End platform with knowledge base
  • Leverage maximum utility from this platform for innovations
  • Evaluation of ideas / submissions

How does it work for schools in Kenya

Post a Problem

1.Schools can upload a simple document with a problem statement and regulations

2.Students can post their creative ideas / solutions.

3.Each solution has options like upvotes and people can comment on those ideas

4.Students become eligible for attractive rewards

Post your own idea and earn a chance to win

Students get to post their ideas on the platform even without a problem statement

These solutions/ideas can be eligible for rewards

The ideas can be published in the school websites/local news

Our cloud native solution is built upon the Microsoft Technology Stack.

Power BI

Azure App Service

Azure Service Bus

Azure SQL

Azure Functions

Azure Blob storage



  • Unlocking human potential
  • Innovation culture
  • Human Delight

How it can work for your organisation

1. Post your challenge / Problem

2. Decide who can solve your problem

  • Your team / Specific teams
  • Business unit
  • Enterprise
  • Your partners
  • Schools / Colleges / Universities
  • Netizens on Social Media (Publish this to select public sites and responses can be captured back to the platform)

3. Define a time frame and mode of submission

4. Define a reward

5. Store the ideas as a hub for future reference

Care Model

CREATE |New business capabilities can be created

AVOID |Manual/redundant operations can be avoided/eliminated

REDUCE |Operational overheads/ manual tasks can be reduced

ENHANCE |Business capabilities can be enhanced