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Cognitive Automation for Insurance

Cognitive Automation for Insurance

Cognitive Automation for Insurance

We help Insurance companies build automated solutions to improve productivity, reduce management expenses, accelerate Go To Market and reduce cycle time in claims management.

Our solutions have helped our clients focus on value added activities by automating recurring and mundane activities.

Products, underwriting & Pricing

  • Mining of Social media information
  • Customized Products
  • Automated Pricing based on customer risk profile

Marketing & Sales

  • Campaign & Channel management
  • Customized pricing based on risk profile

Distribution & Renewal

  • Smart contracts with Automated Quotation & Alerts for renewal
  • Business rules administration
  • Automated Exceptions processing
  • Automated Bills / statement
  • Digital KYC process


  • Bot Driven Customer Service & Tracking
  • Agent to manage customer interactions using natural language processing capabilities


  • Automated triaging of claims
  • Damage detection & Cost estimate
  • Estimation of Claims

Implementation Methodology