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Case Study

EDI Framework with Virtual Assistant and Out of Box Analytics on Azure​

Case Study

EDI Framework with Virtual Assistant and Out of Box Analytics on Azure​

SwiftAnt’s framework (SwiftB2B) enabled instant and secure access to business information with virtual assistant & reduced partner onboarding time to 2 weeks

SwiftAnt has initiated, invested into & implemented a framework on top of Microsoft Logic Apps & this framework was extended to Logistics business transactions.

Digital C-A-R-E Methodology

CREATE |New business capabilities can be created

AVOID |Manual/redundant operations can be avoided/eliminated

REDUCE |Operational overheads/ manual tasks can be reduced

ENHANCE |Business capabilities can be enhanced

Client Background

Client is a 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) business with Global operations and currently using variety of On-Premise EDI platforms in each region, which include Sterling B2B, GXS, BizTalk and custom coded solutions. Given the scale of Logistics business processes and thousands of trading partners it is quintessential to have quick onboarding of trading partners & visibility into the data to initiate actionable tasks in a timely manner.


  • SwiftAnt designed and Architected a cloud native solution on Microsoft Azur Logic Apps
  • SwiftAnt has extended MS Logic Apps with its SwiftB2B Framework:
    • Configuration Driven environment
    • Reusable Components
    • Virtual assistant &
    • Analytics
  • Virtual assistant &
    • With 24x7 Virtual Assistant (without human dependency)
    • Internal staff can query all EDI related EDI documents from one source.
    • Trading partners can access their data securely – significant customer service value add
  • Various other analytics available on-demand
  • SwiftAnt has done extensive volume testing to arrive at the results that MS Logic Apps has same capabilities like Sterling B2B, GXS and any other EDI platform both in terms of functionality, scalability and handling large volumes.


  • SwiftAnt’s framework (SwiftView) enabled Client to securely access the business information instantly with virtual assistant & reduced the onboarding time of the partners to 2 weeks.
  • Chat bot driven Trading partner communications ubiquitously between Client and its trading partners.
  • Solution also significantly reduced the costs (CAPEX and OPEX) and enabled guaranteed SLA of 99.9%.