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Case Study

End to End Visibility and Seamless integration

Case Study

End to End Visibility and Seamless integration

Trading partner onboarding happened within 2 to 3 weeks. Capex to OPEX model resulted in Significant cost savings.

Client Background

A large manufacturer of coffee products in Western Europe has been in the business of importing, manufacturing, and operating retail stores across the globe. As part of their digital strategy, the company started integration of various disparate systems to give end-2-end visibility to the business decision maker and also to assist with predictive analytics. The key capability is to ensure integration of operational processes spanning across multiple systems and to provide visibility by performing analytics and proactive risk management.

IT Solution

SwiftAnt understood the business challenge and the end objective. SwiftAnt started off by understanding the business process, creation of business flows and creation of mapping documents. We then developed, architected & implemented a cloud native IT solution on Azure using Microsoft Logic Apps. The solution addresses all the business needs that are crucial to provide visibility across the entire supply chain and to overcome any challenges that might need immediate attention. SwiftAnt was able to develop the EDI transactions within 1.5 - 2 weeks and was able to onboard the transactions to production after completion of user acceptance testing within 3 weeks.

Business Benefits

  • On-boarding of EDI transactions within 2-3 weeks to production.
  • Leveraging Microsoft Logic Apps as the underlying solution has helped in transitioning from CAPEX to OPEX model which has resulted in significant cost savings.
  • SwiftB2B platform has given the client end-2-end visibility of their entire supply chain with a single click leading to predictive analytics.

Client Speak

SwiftAnt has been a great partner and has helped us in on-boarding EDI transactions for our clients. SwiftAnt's understanding of the business domain, ability to integrate with client's disparate systems, and completing the integration within weeks has been a huge success with our clients. Partnership with SwiftAnt has been a huge plus for us.

- Holly Scott, Director, Orange Lime Consulting