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DIAS Proposal

DIAS Proposal

SwiftAnt partnership enables unique market differentiators for insurance companies

Our Visual Insurance Process customized for geographies enables a customer to obtain an insurance policy in a few clicks and in a matter of a few minutes. With Digitalization, Insurers can prevent underwriting fraud, gain increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, lower costs and achieve greater operational efficiency.

Digital Process Flow - Visual Insurance Proposal(VIP)

The best place to begin Digitalization is at Customer Acquisition. Digitalize the End to End process by obviating physical contacts to obtain an insurance policy. The current process involves manual and paperwork, in-person meetings, visiting a brokers office / Insurance company’s offices. We at SwiftAnt, have developed a Visual Insurance Process customized for geographies, that enables a consumer to obtain an insurance policy in a few clicks and few minutes. This is backed by our years of Domain Expertise and Technological Prowess

A global consumer survey in 2019 indicates that 80% consumers are willing to use digital and remote channel options for different tasks and transactions. The onset of Covid-19 pandemic has reset the world order & changed the way consumers look at things and it is bringing about rapid changes to businesses that will remain in times to come.

Desired Outcomes

  • Contactless Onboarding
  • End to End Digital Process for obtaining a Digital certificate online
  • Seamless upload of documents for obtaining an insurance policy
  • Instant Verification of Insured personnel
  • Irrefutable Digital Evidence
  • Backend verification to avoid duplicate policies
  • Obtain a policy in few clicks and few minutes

Illustrative process for Motor Insurance


  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Trust with Digital Evidence

Our cloud native solution is built upon the Microsoft Technology Stack.

Azure App Service

Azure Service Bus

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Blockchain

Azure Blob storage

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Media Services

Azure Functions

Azure Cognitive Services

BOT Apps


Digital & Mistake Proof KYC, preventing fraud

Paperless processing & Contactless Insurance

Operational efficiencies & profits

Care Model

CREATE |New business capabilities can be created

AVOID |Manual/redundant operations can be avoided/eliminated

REDUCE |Operational overheads/ manual tasks can be reduced

ENHANCE |Business capabilities can be enhanced