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DIAS Certificates

DIAS Certificates

Making Digital happen for Insurance with our Glocal products

Our product, “DIAS Certificates”, is a Microsoft Azure Cloud based platform that dematerializes the physical insurance policies. This is a unique platform that connects the dots in the ecosystem involving insurance issues. Stakeholders include National Umbrella bodies, Insurance companies, Brokers, Agents, Insurance Regulators, Authorities like Medical, Transport bodies, Police and Digital payment providers such as banks, mobile operators, payment gateways etc.

The digital certificates avoid frauds like fake certificates and de-dupe them in a central repository that is Blockchain technology enabled. The inception of blockchain makes them immutable on a non-repudation enabled back-end.

The DIAS Certificate platform interacts with the stakeholders and allows real-time verification of insurance certificates. Verification can also be done by those with feature phones on USSD

A Business Intelligence Module gives amazing Reports, Projections and Dashboards.

As a case in point, DIAS Certificates has revolutionized the Kenya Motor Vehicle Insurance Industry. This product is popularly known in Kenya by the name Digital Motor Vehicle Insurance Certificates (DMVIC), as laid out by Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI). Please refer our Microsoft Published Case Study here. This product dematerialized the good old Vehicle Insurance sticker that once adorned all vehicle wind screens in Kenya

Desired Outcomes

  • Elimination of Paper Certificates
  • End to End Digital process for issuance of Digital Insurance Certificates
  • Irrefutable & Immutable Certificates
  • Easy Verification of certificates
  • Reduction in fraudulent certificates
  • Reduction in Management Expenses

DIAS Certificate Offers

  • Digital initiatives focused on digital issuance and straight through processing with Payment gateways
  • Adaptibility to changing customer expectations in a digital world
  • An OMNI channel experience to stakeholders. It gives the insurers an opportunity to greatly enhance their business model, empower their extended marketing arms - Brokers and their Agents, to operate effectively and compete effectively in a digital world
  • Control in client’s hands. Technology driven shift has heightened the demands and expectations of end customers. As an example, clients in Kenya are already used to Mpesa and other digital products and services in Banking and e-government engagements.
  • Visibilty on an anytime/anywhere basis, on their channel of choice, for different steps in the Insurance Process


  • Trust in the ecosystem
  • Instant Verification
  • Ommi Channel Experience

Our cloud native solution is built upon the Microsoft Technology Stack.

Azure App Service

Azure SQL

Azure Service Bus

Azure Blockchain

Azure Blob storage

Azure Machine Learning

Azure Functions

Azure Cognitive Services

Application gateway (with WAF)

API Management


Digital Certificate

Instant verification

Big data analytics

Care Model

CREATE |New business capabilities can be created

AVOID |Manual/redundant operations can be avoided/eliminated

REDUCE |Operational overheads/ manual tasks can be reduced

ENHANCE |Business capabilities can be enhanced