We view IT applications as business capabilities, and hence Custom Application Development is the means to new business capabilities that will come into existence only when the technology project is successfully implemented.
Not to forget the true purpose of an IT Industry, we also deliver round the clock helpdesk / customer support

Enterprise Innovation - "Co-Created"

Enterprise Innovation is a must have & doing it well requires Single Point of Truth (S.P.O.T), transparency and unified & real time access to Information. InnoYantra is designed to empower enterprises to harness and tap Innovation across the enterprise. Tool based approach enables proactive participation of all minds to Prioritize, Focus, Follow-through & achieve Timely completion of their deliverables.


  • Challenges
  • Ideas
  • Risks
  • Projects

Unify | Collaborate | Deliver Holistic Education

EduCoE unifies all the key stakeholders of the education system (parents, students, coaching & teaching staff) with technology and facilitates the imparting of holistic education. By automating the core functions of your institution (exams, attendance, transport, library etc)we give more room for value add by the administration towards learning.


  • Timetable
  • Attendance
  • Results
  • Library
Fourth Angle

Objective Employability... Enabled

Platform focused on imparting improved “employability” to graduates and aspiring graduates, and designed to address “employability gap” in the context of globalized economy with “disruptive innovation”. It offers a good mix of in-person, online and offline content delivery; Conceived and Vetted by personnel with Global experience.


  • Recruitment
  • Job Postings
  • Edu Courses
  • Tests

Unify | Collaborate | Deliver Business Capabilities

I.T. Leadership team must deliver "Digital" and "Scalable solutions" in quick turnaround times but are constrained with complex organisation structures and competing priorites. Smart-IT-lens empowers Shared Vision to business and IT stakeholders & Real time S.P.O.T (Single Point of Truth), thus assisting in delivering “Business Aligned IT Platform” in a Timely & Predictable manner.


  • GO-Agile
  • Life-cycle
  • QA
  • Reports